PSA Speaker Reveals the Features of the Next Basic Appliance Training Conference to go on in Phoenix, AZ

The professional appliance service affiliation will be holding a three-day training regimen in December

Cohoes, NY– The Professional Service Association (PSA), a national network with special emphasis on expertise and service technician instruction inside the independent segment of the appliance repair field, has declared that they will be administering a full three days of B.A.T. Training in Phoenix, AZ commencing December 8, 2015, and finishing December 10. “We are all looking forward to taking our professional training program to Phoenix to help new service technicians learn the best way to launch their own appliance repair business,” stated a representative for the establishment.

The B.A.T., or basic appliance training, will furnish in depth training for appliance repair technicians in a very condensed and focused time frame. The 1st day of appliance school deals with basic electrical safety and theories, Ohm’s Law, circuit fundamentals, electrical component operation and testing and more to give technicians a better awareness of the deepest functions of many of today’s appliances.

Day two of the appliance repair school will address the principles of gas; involving safety guidelines, code requirements and the effective use of testing and diagnostic devices for fixing gas stoves, gas dryers and gas water heaters.

Day three will focus on basic refrigeration, system components and operation, EPA requirements and refrigerant recovery.

The BAT, led by Jim Campbell, PSA’s recognized Appliance Technology Instructor, will be sponsored by the Appliance Parts Depot and organized right at their facility at 3212 W. Thomas Rd; Phoenix, AZ, 85017.

Payment is due at enrollment and seating is limited so call 888.777.8851 or register online at

About PSA:

PSA is an individual trade organization devoted to the highest standards of superior service. The aim of PSA is to be the advocate of the independent provider and to evaluate and determine industry affiliated problems and provide resolutions. PSA is dedicated to supplying informative training, certification, business administrative programs, support and fairness to the independent service industry. PSA advances professionalism and credibility and openly identifies those technicians who provide a degree of service professionalism that complies with the paradigms instituted by the service industry, with industry accepted certification credentials.